Kendall Jenner has made a name for herself as a huge supermodel. By doing that, she has amassed a lot of wealth. She is currently the highest-paid model on the planet. Fans however don’t like the way she flaunts her money. Now they have slammed the model for showing off in an expensive dress.

Kendall skipped down a lawn in the chic designer look as she went to meet up with her friend Hailey Bieber, reported The Sun. Kim Kardashian took a video of Kendall beaming ear-to-ear and posted it to her Instagram Story. Kendall also posted a close-up snap of the expensive dress to her own Story.

As she was getting ready, Kendall snapped a closeup from behind in the mirror. The supermodel was wearing the Rodarte dress, worth $1.2K as they met up for a family dinner. The Kardashians and Hailey went to Coachella together after the dinner celebrations.

Kendall has flaunted her expensive white mushroom dress well but the fans on Reddit have other thoughts. One said “Hailey Bieber also got so much work done. I’m so annoyed with rich people lol.” Another chimed in and said “What the heck are these people wearing. One is randomly wearing workout clothes and the others has giant di**s on her dress. What is this” A third mentioned Kim by saying “Kim has been so cringey lately.”

Other Kardashian family members have also been under fire for flaunting their wealth. Kim, Khloe, and Kylie have all been slammed for their expensive choice in fashion. That has not made the reality stars act differently.

Having such an amount of wealth at their disposal has made them think differently. Their choice of food, fashion, and lifestyle, in general, will directly correlate to the money they possess. Fans calling out each and every time they show off something expensive will not affect them in any way.

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