When it comes to Photoshopping, the Kardashians hold the top spot in the business. Every now and then they morph their images to look physically perfect in the public eye. This time she has been called out for photoshopping herself alongside Hailey Bieber in a photo.

Kendall took a few photos while hanging out with her celebrity friends before the Coachella concert. The model stood beside Hailey Bieber and Justine Skye in her Instagram post from Saturday night. She posed in a tiny black crop top and leather pants as Justine rocked a jean-on-jean look.

Hailey was caught on camera looking over her shoulder wearing a tiny white crop top and light jeans. Kendall captioned her indoor photo: “the trifecta.” However, fans thought something was off about the model star and took to Reddit to discuss their thoughts.

One user wrote: “She doesn’t even look like herself. Please hire someone to photoshop your pictures, Kendall.” A second added: “They’re all Facetune-d to death.” Yet a third agreed: “They don’t even look real.” A fourth fan spotted a detail and noted: “The warping of the doorway next to Kendall’s hip.” A fifth criticized: “Holy editing.”

This isn’t the only time this week Kenall has been accused of heavily photoshopping her pictures. Fans spotted a strange detail on her Hulu show promotion headshot. The star’s head looked unusually long in the picture and it obviously looked heavily edited.

Apart from getting hate for photoshopping, she also got a lot of hate for flaunting her wealth. The expensive and luxurious lifestyle of these reality stars has had most fans questioning their effect on people. However, no matter the critique, they don’t seem to be bothered much about the rants.

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