Megan Thee Stallion released a new track during the Coachella Valley Arts and Music Festival. The track sparked rumors that the track was mostly a diss aimed at Tory Lanez. She’s claiming that song was not directed at the man who allegedly shot her.

That song was pretty filthy, to say the least. “You a fu** n****/Still can’t believe I used to fu** with ya,” she raps over a 1995 Jodeci remix that features Wu-Tang Clan. “Poppin’ Plan Bs ’cause I ain’t plan to be stuck with ya/Bam, I see you still kick’ it with them opp bitches/I’m the only reason your groupie ass got bitches/All them hoes wanna be like me/Bitch, most likely only fuckin’ you to spite me.”

The track was released on April 22nd and it made fans wonder if the track is aimed at Tory Lanez in some way or the other. Megan replied that the track was not aimed at anyone specific.

When Megan was asked about her inspiration behind the track on Twitter, she replied, “I was just venting abt experiences I’ve had in relationships I’ve been in the past.”


Tory Lanez and Megan have been in a constant legal battle since she caused Tory of shooting her in July 2020. So even if the track was aimed at Tory, fans wouldn’t be completely surprised. Tory was sent back to jail during a court hearing for violating one of the conditions of his release on April 5th. The judge decided that he had disobeyed the court by talking about Megan behind her back.

The track “Plan B” also contains a line about “di** don’t run me,” which could be regarding Tory’s tweet that landed him back in jail, “Good dick had me fucking 2 best friends … and I got caught … that’s what I apologized 4…it’s sick how U spun it though.”

Ultimately, Tory posted $350,000 in bail and released a song called “Mucky James” where he addressed all the court drama.

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