Mike Tyson has been in the news a lot recently, and not for the best of reasons. On a JetBlue aircraft out of San Francisco on Wednesday night, the boxing great was confronted by an obnoxious fan. At first, Tyson was friendly with the man, but things quickly escalated when the fan tossed a bottle at him and continued to be nasty.

Tyson can be seen in the video below yelling at the man after a series of strikes to the face. The man was eventually bloodied, and his injuries necessitated medical attention. Tyson then got up and exited the plane, while the man continued to be obstructive with authorities.

Many others, like Dana White, who knows Tyson well, have taken to social media to express their thoughts on what happened. In fact, White shared a humorous video in which Tyson is seen removing White from his private airplane seat. Of course, this is just a skit, but it gives a decent idea of how to behave around a boxer.

Hey dummies, for future reference, this is how you stay alive when bumping into @MikeTyson on an airplane.

Given what transpired just a couple of nights ago, White’s counsel should be taken seriously. Tyson is not someone with whom you should mess, and that JetBlue aircraft is proof of that. Fortunately for Tyson, it does not appear that he will face any consequences as a result of this incident. Last night, the fighter was in Miami for a cannabis conference, which also included Rick Ross and Ric Flair.

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