Billie Eilish has proved time and time again that she is one of the best young singers out there. Ever since her younger days of singing, she always had a promising voice and personality. This has made her win numerous awards, however, the 2022 Grammys wasn’t one of them.

The brother-sister duo of Billie and FINNEAS took to the Billboard’s manager issue to reflect on their recent album and the Grammys. Eilish was nominated for seven awards at the event earlier this month. It included an album of the year for “Happier Than Ever” and a record of the year for its title track.

Billie has previously swept away all the Grammys from four major categories in 2020. Unlike 2020, this year she didn’t win any but she is fine with the outcome. She has mentioned that the internet might say that she was “robbed” but she doesn’t feel so. “I have seven at home. It’s OK, it’s all good” she boldly stated.

“I had this feeling yesterday at the Grammys because we obviously didn’t win anything — I went into the day suspecting we weren’t going to win anything. And of course, the internet, no matter what happens, is going to be like, ‘You were robbed,’ and I’m just like, ‘I wasn’t, I have seven at home. It’s OK, it’s all good.”

In 2021, Billie took home two more awards, including the record of the year for “Everything I Wanted.” FINNEAS also told Billboard that winning Grammys doesn’t seem as important as it used to. Eilish agreed, explaining that she cares more about “making music that touches people.”

“We’re very fortunate and very blessed, but I don’t feel that winning a bunch more Grammys is what’s keeping me inspired these days. I was nominated and that’s amazing, but getting up during a commercial break and people coming up to me being like, ‘You changed my life, your music gets me through the day,’ I’m like, ‘That’s it.'”

Given the success she has had in the past few years, it’s really surprising to see her not win a trophy. However, awards don’t make an artist but their art does and the duo has a deeper understanding of it. Coming out with more music that people look forward to seems to be the path they’ve chosen to expand their geniuses.

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Anirban Biswas

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