Mike Tyson just made news after he was caught on camera repeatedly punching a man in the face while traveling on a plane. The baddest man on the planet was annoyed by a passenger which sent him into a fit of rage. The attack left the man bloodied after Tyson threw several blows to his face.

Tyson is not letting this stop him as he is in Florida to speak at a cannabis event where a bunch of big names from the industry will be present, according to TMZ. Tyson will speak at the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference Afterparty at LIV in Miami at around 8 PM ET on Thursday night.

Interesting thing to note is that Tyson was originally scheduled to appear at the Cannabis Capital Conference at 12:05 PM ET with Ric Flair. This couldn’t happen however, as event organizers told attendees that Mike cancelled due to a flight change. It is not known if Tyson will acknowledge the airplane beatdown.

As we noted earlier, Tyson put his hands on a harassing man while boarding a flight from San Francisco to Florida. A witness who was on the flight said that Tyson was in good spirits and even took a selfie with the man and his friend.


Tyson walked off the plane after the attack and the victim received medical attention and spoke to the police. Tyson’s representatives have not said anything on the matter yet, and there is no word from the police either.

Recently, Mike Tyson said that he believes rich people hunt homeless people for sport. Tyson has had a long history of mental illness and frequent run-ins with the law. Hopefully, Tyson can take a step back and look at his volatile demeanor that has him in headlines for all the wrong reasons lately.

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Rayan Sayyed

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