Wiz Khalifa’s love for cannabis is infamously known all over the world. The name of his debut album, Rolling Papers, is proof enough alone of how much the Pittsburgh rapper loves his weed. Recently, he opened up about his legal troubles over the years for his smoking habits.

The rapper sat down with HipHopDx for his Still Rolling Papers documentary. During the interview, Wiz and his team recounted the details to one of those instances, where the Taylor Gang head and his crew got arrested for toking too openly at East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina.

Light, a member of Wiz’s merch team said, “You could tell we was just targeted because of how it went down,” He then further explained, “They really, really don’t get probably no action down there. They got a young kid in their city on a college campus that smokes weed. So it’s just like, it’s their time to shine.”

Wiz then recalled, “I remember getting on stage,” He added, “I’m just rapping. I’m rapping. I’m doing my thing. I look over, I see some cops at the side of the stage.” Chevy Woods added that the cops were lurking around them while they were wrapping up their performance.


Cherry also claimed that towards the end of the show they started pulling members of Wiz’s team off the stage, starting with his manager Will Dzombak. Wiz then went into detail trying to explain the situation.

“I finished the song and I go outside, I’m trying to run, I’m trying to dip. I see the bus, they already by the bus, they got n-ggas lined up outside the bus. I’m like damn.”

“They searched the bus. We standing outside. Kids start coming out of their shows. So they started seeing that. They’re like, ‘yo, get the f*ck off of Wiz man, blah, blah, blah.’ They tell us, ‘We’re going to put you in the car for your safety.’ I was like, that don’t sound right.”

Wiz continued, “They locked all ten of us up. They charge us with three felonies, said that we were kidnapping, said that we were using the bus for housing to sell weed state-to-state.” After Wiz and his detained crew members, they had their bail set at $3 million.

The rapper first thought about calling Diddy as they had recently partied together, but Wiz said his merch handler, Motor, realized there was $100,000 worth of merch money stashed on the bus. It was just enough to free Wiz and his manager, Will.

The pair then hired a lawyer who was able to get the charges dismissed. To know more about Wiz’s background, the making of his debut album and the creation of Taylor Gang, watch the full Still Rolling Papers documentary below. Stay tuned to Thirsty for future updates.

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