The Kardashians have been in some hot water lately. Blac Chyna sued the reality stars for the latter’s inability to fulfill financial obligations. These accusations have seen a range of reactions from the Kardashians. One, particularly from Kris Jenner, rubbed fans the wrong way due to its racist tone.

Kris Jenner has become the center of the controversy for her remarks toward Blac Chyna. A few texts were exposed during their Tuesday trial by Blac Chyna’s lawyer, Lynne Ciani, reported The Sun. In the texts, the lawyer alleged that Kris called Chyna “stupid” and “really ghetto,” and suggested that they should “ditch the bitch.”

Fans didn’t waste time hopping on the Reddit train and commenting how they felt about the statement. “Kris called Blac Chyna ‘ghetto,’ wow, that’s really bad,” one said, opening the conversation. Long stretches of texts were exchanged among the Redditors who were slamming Kris.

“So she was ghetto enough to be Kim’s friend and give her some street cred but too ghetto to date her son, who by the way, is their most ghetto family member by my definition! this doesn’t surprise me but please GTFO of our faces,” one Redditor ranted. “All my BIPOC blow this up!!! Make the biggest fuss about this!! Send it out!!! I want to see this family held accountable!!” another expressed. A third noted: “I cannot imagine EVER describing the black mother of my grandchildren as ‘ghetto’. That seems awfully racist.”

Blac Chyna returned to court to battle The Kardashians. She claims they used their influence to cause the cancelation of her show Rob & Chyna. The Kardashians defended this by saying they were protecting Rob from a “toxic relationship.”

The Kardashians alums have been sued by the model for more than $40 million for loss of earnings. In addition to that she has also claimed $60 million in future earnings. We have to wait and see how the courtroom showdown pans out for both the parties involved.

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