Jessica Simpson is no stranger to pulling in attention with her sexy and bold looks.  Earlier this month, Jessica revealed she underwent an epic 100 pounds weight loss. However, a recent ad has sparked concerned as fans noted Jess seems very unusual.

According to a report by the Daily Mail, fans have observed that the songstress appeared ‘fidgety and nervous’ while filming a sponsored post. The ad was for Flonase nasal spray. Jessica uploaded the video on Tuesday via her official Instagram account. 

The 41-year-old singer can be seen reading from cue cards as she promotes the medicine. Jessica’s comment section was flooded with questions about her ‘awkward’ demeanor. Her speech seemed slurry and she struggled to keep her normal posture.

Simpson appeared on The Real Daytime and many were also a bit concerned. She lost weight, and good on her. However, she seemed a bit more erratic than usual, and we’re talking about Jessica Simpson.


Followers noted that Jessica was not being her old self. It does not seem like a health issue. Jessica could simply be unprepared for the ad. The top commenter noted, “Lmao Flonase please hire a professional. That was embarrassing to watch.”

Recently, Jessica gained a lot of praise for her body positive stance. After going through weight fluctuations, Simpson shared an inspiring message. She asserted that she loves herself at “every size” she’s been over the years.

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Shifa Jahan

Shifa Jahan is a freelance writer with a passion for pop culture and entertainment news. With a background in copywriting and academic writing, she brings a unique perspective to her work. Currently pursuing her Masters in Comparative Literature, Shifa also has a love for theatre, teaching, and exploring different cultures and languages.

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