Tricky Daddy is making quite a name for himself again, though this time, he’s using a lot of negative publicity. After one of his comments on the Drink Champs show caught fire, he’s been the subject of a lot of memes. It seems Trick Daddy recently slammed online trolls and took shots at Kevin Hart.

Trick Daddy said that his restaurant did not suffer as a result of his critical assessment of Beyoncé’s singing abilities, but the rapper-turned-chef is now firing new shots. He appeared on “TMZ Live” to clarify his remarks on Beyoncé.

ICYMI, his restaurant, Sunday’s Eatery, received a slew of negative online reviews after he declared “Beyoncé can’t sing” last summer. The restaurant’s Google ratings decreased from 4.8 to 2.6, but Trick Daddy says Sunday’s Eatery was unaffected.

Most crucially for the Beyhive, he also dubbed Beyoncé the world’s greatest performer but not singer. He blamed trolls, not Beyoncé’s devoted supporters, for the negative reviews, claiming that “genuine fans” recognize that people have different viewpoints.


He’s not bashful about the whole thing, though, and he shared what he concedes will be a “unpopular opinion”: “Kevin Hart ain’t funny.” We believe he’s just trying to get Kevin to appear on his new Fox Soul cooking show, “Bitch, I Got My Pots,” which premieres this week. Trick Daddy claimed that he’ll be serving up fantastic food, big visitors, and plenty of heated takes.

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