Jessica Simpson has been working on herself lately. In November 2021, the singer celebrated four years of sobriety. Jessica debuted her triple-digit weight loss in 2019, but she may be going too far now.

Jessica Simpson has completely lost her famous curves, raising concerns among her fans that she may have gone too far in her weight loss journey. The 41-year-old singer-turned-business mogul raised eyebrows when she debuted a noticeably frail frame.

Simpson took to social media wearing a fitted black sweatshirt, tight jeans, and knee-high boots, but all anyone could see was her shockingly thin figure. The blonde bombshell shed 100 pounds in 2019, but it appears that wasn’t enough. Simpson appears to have lost even more weight since then, raising concerns among her ardent fans about her physical and mental health.

The star did not mention her weight when she posted the selfie to Instagram on Monday. “Tried something new with my fav bandana and my son’s Boston hat… trend-worthy? Maybe,” the clothing brand CEO wrote. No one could look past her gaunt jawline and non-existent curves.

“What happened with her omg.”

“Are you ok?????”

“Her face looks super thin, I hope she’s ok.”

“First thing I noticed too. Looks very unwell.”

Others accused Simpson of going too far with her weight loss. This was obviously a popular subject of conversation for a bit as fans discovered the photos.

“In recent photos she looks great but Jessica has been know to go to extremes on being to [sic] thick and too skinny her face looks sus for sure. I love Jessica Simpson she’s been my favorite since the beginning of all the teenyboppers.”

Let’s hope Jessica is doing well and isn’t suffering from anything. Her fans just want the best for her, along with the rest of us. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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