Bam Margera sued Paramount Pictures, MTV, and Johnny Knoxville last year after being fired during the production of “Jackass Forever” Margera had a contract with the studio that required him to meet several metrics in terms of his personal wellness in order to be in the film. Margera tested positive for Adderall in violation of the terms, and was let go.

Margera argued in his suit that the cocktail of drugs he was forced to take left him physically and mentally exhausted. The firing came after Bam had already begun filming scenes for the movie. Bam said he never had a chance to review the “wellness agreement” with a lawyer before signing it. The contract laid out the terms of Margera’s employment.

“I, Bam Margera, fully understand that I will not be able to engage in negotiating a contract to participate in a new jackass film unless I stay in treatment for a minimum of 90 days and abide by the rules set forth by the treatment center.

I understand that I have to remain sober and only take medication approved by the medical staff of the treatment center.

I understand that if I do participate in a new jackass film it will include conditions for my continued sobriety and mental health approved by the treatment center.”

TMZ has reported that Bam Margera has made a motion to withdraw his suit against the Jackass team. It appears a settlement has been reached. The terms of the settlement are being kept private.

Margera initially signed the wellness document while he was in rehab in 2019. The producers made it clear that doing so was a condition of his employment on the film. Bam argued that it was impossible to comply with the terms of the complicated agreement. Now that the matter is settled, hopefully Bam continues to focus on taking care of himself.

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Michael Perry

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