Bam Margera will not be a part of Jackass 4. He was fired from the production due to substance abuse issues and Bam has since received a restraining order from director Jeff Tremaine. Steve-O said he last talked to Bam a couple of weeks ago, and his friend needs some help.

While talking to Howie Mandel’s podcast, Steve-O opened up about his old friend Bam. He said the last he spoke to him was “a week or two ago,” and Steve-O admitted that Bam’s life has been very colorful since then.

Steve-O also gave some hope that Bam Margera is getting the help he needs as of this writing.

“I think there has been some activity as we speak getting him into a treatment center. I can’t confirm this, the last time I spoke with Bam was via text message a week or two ago and the last couple of weeks have been particularly colorful for him.”


Steve-O spoke about the interventions that Bam Margera has had and he alluded to the fact that rehab might be required in some sort of legal sense. He did not expand on that, but Steve-O did touch on enablers in Bam’s life.

“I think that things have come to a head and the latest concerted effort to intervene has been sort of focused on creating a sort of legal layer to it which would require a certain amount of treatment.”

“I mean there’s been a great deal of enabling that has gone one. You know I’ve been in super close contact with his family, his wife, and his mom. I have to say after years of feeling like I want to shake them and say, ‘you’re contributing to the problem!’ Really, actually, I feel like they’ve come to a place where they’re kind of understanding.”

It will be hard to see Jackass 4 without Bam Margera on screen, especially since we understand the situation surrounding his absence. Hopefully, Bam can get the help he needs and start making healthier decisions.

Jackass 4 is bound of rack in a ton of cash from fans all around the world. Sadly, Bam Margera was in no place to participate this time around.

What’s your take on this situation with Bam Margera? Sound off in the comments!

Transcription by Thirsty

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