Brett Favre is one of the most legendary quarterbacks in the history of the NFL. Favre was considered a gunslinger who brought an old-school mentality to a quickly-evolving league. The Green Bay Packers great has been largely quiet outside of some commercial endorsement work since his retirement.

According to a new revelation from Anna Wolfe of Mississippi Today, Packers legend Brett Favre allegedly received over $8 million in funds from Mississippi officials. Wolfe was able to collect text texts from Favre showing him pestering welfare officials for the monies.

The Mississippi Department of Human Services gave $2 million to a pharmaceutical company with whom Favre had previously worked. The University of Southern Mississippi received another $5 million in grant money to build a new volleyball stadium. Finally, Favre received $1.1 million in welfare funds for his own personal use.

Vanlandingham texted Favre in late 2018: “I guess we verbally ask the Governor what the rules are to compensate him. Worse case scenario I give you more stock that as an individual u can transfer to him. But let’s avoid trouble at all cost.”


Farve responded at that time: “Group text the governor and tell him we want to give him shares but don’t want to get anyone in trouble.”

The New York Times reported last year that the legendary quarterback must re-pay $600,000 that he owes to the state of Mississippi. Favre has previously denied knowing about the misappropriation of cash. Check out the tweet from Anna Wolfe below.

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