Kim Kardashian is no stranger when it comes to voicing her support for causes. Kim previously announced that she passed the baby bar legal exam. failing it three times in 2 years. It seems Kim is now supporting a Texas death row inmate.

Melissa Lucio, a Texas death row convict, has newfound optimism despite her impending execution date, thanks to Kim Kardashian’s support. Melissa’s son, John Lucio, was on his way to a rally in Dallas to oppose the upcoming execution when TMZ met up with him.

John tells TMZ … when he told his mom Kim Kardashian was advocating on her behalf, she was shocked and couldn’t believe it. He says, Kim supporting her, alongside many others, really uplifted her spirit.

Kim has urged Texas Governor Greg Abbott to postpone the execution, which is set for April 27. Melissa’s 14 children have written a letter to the Governor, which she has shared on social media. Melissa has been on death row for nearly a quarter-century. In 2008, she was found guilty of murdering her 2-year-old daughter.

When the officers arrived, Melissa said her daughter had fallen down a flight of stairs. Melissa’s family, attorneys, and supporters all say she initially maintained her innocence before being pressured into making a false confession, after hours of tense questioning. Check it out below.

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