Kanye West’s girlfriends have a fetish for expensive handbags, and he has no qualms about supporting their obsession. The Donda rapper just gave his new boo, Chaney Jones, an extremely rare Birkin bag from Privé Porter. The tote silver metallic bag, which costs more than $275,000, is made with palladium hardware and Chévre leather, which Chaney had ordered.

Chaney Jones felt compelled to publicly express her gratitude after such a large purchase. The influencer used Instagram to show off her pricey gift to her 560,000 followers. Her Hermes bag sat opposite a container of matching silver roses from Venus Et Fleur.

Thanks bb @kanyewest [black heart emoji]

The CEO of Privé Porter, Michelle Berk, told Entertainment Tonight that it is a very limited production bag that was only made in 2004. Other notable owners of this bag are Jeffree Star, who purchased from me, and Bella Hadid. It’s one of the most famous and sought after Birkins in the world.

Thousands of people filled her comments with their thoughts on the bag, as they were blown away by the purchase. She not only flaunted her boyfriend on her timeline, but she also showed him some love on her Instagram story. She congratulated Ye’s Grammy win for Best Rap Song. Check out the post below.


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