The Game has returned out of retirement with a chip on his shoulder, despite previous promises that he would be hanging up the microphone after Born 2 Rap. He’s been teasing his upcoming album for a while now, and G Herbo claims it’ll be album of the year material. Ye linked with Game on “Eazy,” which further heightened hype surrounding the project.

The Game spoke on Drink Champs earlier this year and opened up about everything. He said Ye had done more for him in two weeks than Dr. Dre had done in his whole career, deserved the same respect as 50 Cent. He even challenged Eminem to a bar-to-bar battle.

Wack 100 claimed that The Game has some bars for Eminem on his next album, so it appears that The Game is putting his money where his mouth is. During a recent visit on Clubhouse, Wack 100 stated that The Game is preparing for the release of his next single, which the West Coast mogul predicted would be setting a fire.

Black Slim Shady, it’s coming. That n—- better be ready ’cause this n—- done went crazy.


Wack continued, that if Nick Cannon and Machine Gun Kelly received comments from the Detroit legend, Em is bound to respond. Despite the fact that it’s all in good fun, Wack did admit that, given Em’s track record, the back-and-forth can be disrespectful. Take a look at the video below.

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