B. Simone is a versatile artist who is best known for his singing ability, but she also has a long list of acting credentials that include multiple feature films and hundreds of appearances. Fans must be aware that B. Simone was strangled in a tense situation when a gunshot erupted in the store. B. Simone has called out the person who snapped her photo without her consent and shared it online.

B. Simone’s terrifying experience became a viral moment, although she had no idea that someone was photographing her. People have been on high alert as the number of public shootings has increased in recent years, and one social media user admitted that gunfire erupted while they were out shopping.

Three ladies were shot at a mall, one of them was pronounced dead at the spot and the other two were brought to the hospital, according to Hotnewhiphop. While the cause of the incident has yet to be confirmed, someone posted about it while sharing a photo of B. Simone with a caption.

“And guess who locked in the back of H&M with me. B Simone [face palm emoji] I swear I bet she don’t wanna come back to Norfolk anymore…. cousin [redacted name] got a good snap shot for us lol yeah he back here too [face palm emoji].”

The situation was frightening for everyone concerned, and B. Simone did not enjoy being shot without her permission. She used her Instagram Story to call out the inconsiderate individual.

“The fact that people think it’s okay and ‘normal’ to take pictures of you and post without asking is mind blowing [face palm emoji]. Sneaky ****…. We literally running for our lives running from bullets and someone goes ‘are you B.Simone can we take a pic’… that’s weird AF.”

“Whoever took that pic of B when we were all hiding in a stock room after literally running for our lives is nasty. That’s some sick **** for real.”

Arguments are still raging, with one side supporting the snap and the other side slamming the photographer. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments. For further updates stay tuned to Thirsty.

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