Drake is an experienced rapper in the hip-hop industry. Outside of music, he has a variety of hobbies, including his love for betting. Drake has bet over $1 billion at online gambling outlets this year. Now, the Certified Lover is betting big on The Duke Blue Devils.

The Duke Blue Devils and North Carolina Tar Heels faced off in one of the most anticipated games in the NCAA Tournament on Saturday night. Duke was unable to pull off the win and that hit Drizzy hard.

Drake revealed on his Instagram Story that he dropped a whopping $100,000 on Mike Krzyzewski’s Blue Devils to take home the win and advance to the National Championship.

Las Vegas had Duke entering the game as 4-point favorites, meaning that Drake stood to win $152,000 if they ended the night victorious. That’s surely an eye-watering amount to take home, but it didn’t happen.

Drake has shared several other eye-catching bets on social media this year. Back in February, the rapper dropped over $1 million on bets for the Super Bowl. Later in March, Drake lost $275,000 betting Jorge Masvidal vs. Colby Covington. You Check out the details from Drake’s bet below.

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