Tiffany Haddish is back on the scene after a long relationship with Common. The comedian, on the other hand, is denying claims that she’s moved on to a new romance with another rapper. Although it took some time for viewers to get used to seeing Haddish and Common together, the two frequently expressed their love for one another.

Although there was some disagreement between the two over why their relationship ended, they appear to have moved on. Haddish was recently seen with a rapper dubbed Stallionaires Pooch, and TMZ was quick to get a hold of him. Pooch was asked how he was able to “woo” Haddish by a cameraman.

Haddish was reportedly contacted by TMZ to comment on Stallionaire Pooch’s statements. Despite the fact that the actress earlier stated that she has been hoping for a good man, it does not appear that Pooch is the man just yet. Haddish denied all the claims that they are dating.

Well, I don’t think one dinner counts as dating. Does it?


The rapper previously bragged about how charming, respectful and authentic of a person he is. “It’s the charm, I’m a charming dude. I’m respectful. I know how to treat a woman and I’m genuine, I’m authentic.” According to the site, Pooch referred to himself and Haddish as a “item.” Take a look at the video below.

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