JT isn’t slowing down anytime soon, and she’s never been afraid of a good clap back. The hitmaker for City Girls is celebrating the release of the duo’s latest single, “Top Notch.” which just dropped. JT and Yung Miami have been loving the reception to their Fivio Foreign-assisted Drill tune.

This exposed the Florida duo in a new light, as many people prank their loved ones on April Fool’s Day. JT and Yung Miami have been chastised for their flows and lyrical substance. While they haven’t entirely reinvented themselves, they did change up their style on “Top Notch”.

Thanks to the Drill beat, they had the same explosive delivery with somewhat different flows. Their fans have been praising the Spring hit on social media. Those who aren’t lovers of City Girls, on the other hand, are constantly vocal about it.

One person seems irritated that more artists are incorporating the New York Drill sound as the genre grows in popularity. JT took to Twitter to immediately respond to the criticism.


Y’all h-es shut up n—– make the same type music all them time b-tches hopping on drill beats & yall in a frenzy trying to create wars! Listen or don’t listen matter fact get off here & go wash yours walls, both of them!!!

The City Girls rapper member is known for speaking her mind and not mincing words when she does so. JT further claimed that nothing or nobody can discourage her in this era. Take a look at JT’s Top Notch music video and series of tweets below.

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