Britney Spears spoke out against her father’s conservatorship after several years of harassment, torture and mental anguish. Fans and celebrities alike all rallied behind Spears and demanded her freedom. Spears also sent a warning to her family recently.

In an unprecedented victory, Spears’ father Jamie was finally suspended from her conservatorship. This brought joy and relief to Britney Spears and her supporters. Finally, after 13 long years, Britney Spears was finally free from her conservatorship.

A lot of drama ensued after she was free, especially when it came to her sister Jamie Lynn Spears. Britney Spears suffered a lot at the hands of her family and she has not forgotten that for one second.

Britney Spears recently took to her Instagram and shared a post, where she went after her family. Spears also condemned them, making it clear she is not done with her family, who broke her.

After saying her mom, Lynne Spears, “thrived on drama” and “screamed from the rooftops,” she slammed her parents for not going to therapy and noted how the practice was “looked down on” where she comes from. “I mean MY PARENTS never went to therapy they THRIVED AND LIVED WITH DRAMA every day of their f*cking lives. I was always extremely embarrassed to talk about my personal life and still am to this day.”

She went on to say that she believes that God should handle things. This is also a reason why she’s dragging her feet on going to therapy.

I believe you take it to God … it’s none of anybody’s business … That’s why forcing me so long to talk in therapy has never been my style yet at this point … my family has broken me so much I do need a little therapy … I just find it pretty sad in my hardest times not only my mother but my sister tell their books 📚 of their STORY … DRAMA … I don’t think that’s particularly nice … we are entitled to our own story but this drama is of the devil 😈 !!!” 

Britney Spears has revenge on her mind and it is not known what she will do to exact revenge on her family. We’ll keep you updated on this ongoing story.

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