Will Smith is a respected artist of the industry, but a slap to Chris Rock has changed his life. Will Smith, who was once seen as an inspiration, is now the source of some serious conversations. A producer for the 2022 Oscars recently stated that the LAPD was prepared to arrest Will Smith over the Chris Rock incident.

According to the show’s producer, the LAPD was ready to arrest Will Smith for putting his hands on Chris Rock at the Oscars. This would have gone down, but Chris waived them off, stating he was alright.

TMZ reported that Will Packer, the Oscars’ head honcho, says LAPD cops were ready to arrest Will if Chris so desired in a teaser tape for his interview with ‘GMA,’ recounting the conversation that took place backstage immediately following the slap.

Packer told T.J. Holmes that cops were ready to go to pull Will from the throng and arrest him for violence, letting Chris know that he may bring criminal charges against Will. Packer alleged that Chris was dismissive of what cops were telling him at one point and that he encouraged the comic to wait until the cops finished their presentation before making a choice.


Will was permitted to remain front and center at The Oscars, where he won the prize for best actor and gave a heartfelt speech, after Chris decided against bringing charges. He later picked up the trophy for best actor.

Will has since apologized for the slap and profanity, but Chris said at his act on Wednesday night that he’s still digesting what happened and will address it later on his comedy tour. For further updates stay tuned to Thirsty.

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