Cardi B is the internet sensation in the industry. The WAP rapper made headlines today because of Dougie’s arrest and that’s not how she wanted it. Fans must have heard that Dougie has been arrested, and Cardi has been linked to this story in some way. Cardi B just responded to this link with a tweet.

Dougie B was brought away in cuffs on Thursday afternoon outside of Bronx criminal court after an altercation in the parking lot outside of a Bronx courtroom. It was reported that Dougie had just finished filming a music video with Cardi B the day before.

Cardi B was enraged by her involvement in the narrative, prompting her to tweet why she was being linked to it. She had just filmed a music video with Dougie the day prior, but she fired back with a profane message to a publication who wanted to use that as the article’s spin.

“Go play wit your moms p***y.”


Cardi B’s social media is getting flooded with comments from the fans, some of which are supportive and others that are negative. What is your thought on it? Does Cardi B have any link to the Dougie B’s arrest? For further updates stay tuned to Thirsty.

What’s your take on it? Sound it in the comments.

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