The Walking Dead has finally finished up production on its final season. The AMC drama was responsible for the latest rise of zombie fandom in popular media. Adapted from the comic series of the same name, the gorefest has run for 11 successful seasons. The shows run is now coming to an end.

One of the most popular characters in TWD universe is Daryl Dixon. Daryl is played by “Boondock Saints” star Norman Reedus. The actor saw a major surge in popularity and a career revival due to his performance in the role.

After shooting the series’ final scene on Wednesday night, Norman Reedus gave a funny and emotional speech to the assembled cast and crew. Norman said that the “Walking Dead juice” is always “worth the squeeze.” Laughter broke out, but there was some legitimate sentimentality going on. TMZ shared video of the emotional moment.

The surreal scene saw cast members in full zombie makeup embracing and cheering. Special effects wizard and TWD executive producer Greg Nicotero also addressed the crowd. Nicotero largely echoed Norman Reedus’ sentiments.


There are spin-offs and movies planned that will keep fans engaged with The Walking Dead’s world. The series ending does feel like the end of an era, though. Fans have shared a bond with the show’s characters as they fought endlessly more difficult odds to survive.

Norman Reedus suffered a concussion on set two weeks ago. The injury and all the hardships that came along the way were worth it, according to the star. Fans of The Walking Dead can’t wait to see how the show reaches its conclusion.

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