Billie Eilish made history at the Academy Awards. While her night at the Oscars was nothing but amazing, people have criticized her choice of dress. The iconic pop star is clapping back at her haters.

Billie became the first person born in the 21st century to win an Oscar. The ever so talented Billie Eilish is iconic in everything she does. The 20-year-old Oscar winner has been paving her own path in the fashion world ever since she first burst into the scene.

Eilish is known for her dark-style often termed as “goth glam.” She wore a black ruffled Gucci gown at the event. The dress was very much in line with how Billi’s previous fashion choices. Vogue even named her and brother Finneas the “best-dressed siblings” on the red carpet. However, not everyone was going to like Billie Eilish‘s outfit at the 94th Academy Awards.

A TikTok commentator wasn’t a fan of Billie’s look. “I’ve had enough of her sh-t,” the commentator said while putting Billie on their “Worst Dressed” list. Surprisingly, Billie responded to the remark by flipping the hater off while she sat on the toilet. “I HAVENT had enough of my sh-t. i am sh-tting right now,” said Billie, proving that she can clap back in ways that leave people shook.


The young singer got a lot of praise for her take from fans as well as other celebrities. “Great rebuttal Billie,” wrote the official Lionsgate account. “U ATEEEE,” wrote social media star and actress Sissy Sheridan. Good for Billie, shutting the haters down.

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Shifa Jahan

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