Will Smith received a lot of backlash for what he did at the Oscars. His name has made countless headlines since Hollywood’s big night. Will was recently chastised by Joe Rogan for his actions.

Smith’s actions at the Oscars on Sunday night, according to Joe Rogan, could set a “terrible precedent” for comedy clubs. On the latest episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, the podcast host was joined by MMA fighter Josh Barnett, and the two discussed the hottest topic on the Internet this week. Rogan recounted the incident in detail before calling it a “great example of what’s wrong with the glorification of just being able to go up to someone and smack them.”

Barnett disagreed with Rogan’s initial assessment of the situation, claiming that Will should’ve had a backstage conversation with Chris Rock afterward.

“In my opinion, if you want to settle things, go do it personally. Speak to the person first. Give them an opportunity to apologize,” Barnett added. He described a situation in which an acquaintance made his girlfriend uncomfortable, so he talked it out with the guy to come to an agreement. “But to assume people have malicious intent, especially in that position, I think, is an erroneous way of approaching it,” Barnett added.


Rogan went on to say that Smith’s celebrity privilege at the time caused him to act as if he were “a character in a movie.” While he and Barnett agreed that Smith is “removed from reality,” Rogan found it even more strange that Will was able to accept the Oscar for Best Actor just moments later.

“I don’t think it had anything to do with that. I think what he was doing was saving face. He was doing some weird movie thing. He was getting away with it like he lived in a fictional movie. Like, the idea that you think it’s smart, while wearing a tuxedo, to walk onto a stage in front of the world… one of the biggest award shows on Earth, if not the biggest, and smack a comedian for the most mild joke. And then, sit there quivering saying, ‘Keep my wife’s name out of your f*cking mouth’ and everyone’s going to sit there in the sh*t that you just took on the table. You just pulled your pants down and took a sh*t on the dinner table and they all had to sit there and look at that. That’s what it’s like.”

“It was a rare instance where someone is so enormously famous and successful like Will Smith that they literally still allowed him to not just win the Academy Award but also go up and accept it and give a speech after he assaulted a small comedian….You can’t just go smack a man in the face in front of the world and go about business as usual. It sets a terrible precedent in so many different ways. It sets a terrible precedent for comedy clubs. Like, are people going to decide to go on stage and smack a comedian now?”

“I don’t necessarily think people are going to change their behavior but dumb people might, but also it’s like what are we saying as a society when the people that we look up to, for whatever reason, for good or for bad, we look up to actors. And the Academy Awards is supposed to be them in their most regal- their most regal outfits, their best behavior and to drop down to violence for something so innocuous as a G.I. Jane joke. This is a nonsense scene where you’re allowed to just go smack someone!”

Will’s slapping of Chris Rock has elicited mixed reactions. Let’s see how this whole thing plays out. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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