Chris Rock has remained silent throughout the scandal that has erupted during the 94th Academy Awards. Will Smith slapped the famed comic icon in the face in a shocking clash at the Oscars, and the video of the incident has been shown and repeated across the world.

While Smith has issued a public apology for his behavior, not everyone has forgiven the now-Oscar winner. Rock has received support from his peers, including Adam Sandler and Jim Carrey. As social media users debate whether Smith’s Oscar should be taken away, Rock’s brother, acclaimed comedian and actor Tony Rock, took to Twitter to answer a few questions from fans.

Users were quick to ask inquiries about the slap heard around the world, and Tony made it obvious that he is still angry about his brother being humiliated. He stated that he does not accept Smith’s apology. When asked what he would do in the aftermath of the incident, he promised to “respond.”

Some people are in favor of him, while others are against him. One thing is certain that his son, Jaden Smith, will always be there for him. Following that, Diddy entered the stage to commemorate The Godfather, and at the afterparty, he promised to make amends between Smith and Rock.

Tony replied, “Still rich,” when a Twitter follower inquired how Chris was doing. When someone else asked if they would keep things professional or fight fire with fire, Tony replied, “it’s on.” He also said that Diddy was lying when he said Chris and Smith were reconciling. Take a look at the tweets below.

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