(WARNING: THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS GRAPHIC CONTENT) It’s amazing to see the kinds of content you can share on social media. That being said, the practice sometimes results in people uploading gruesome and overly graphic content. This time XXXTENTACION’s affiliate rapper Kid Trunks has shared a picture of his gunshot wound.

Kid Trunks took to Instagram and posted a very gut-wrenching image of his face being shot. He shared graphic photos of injuries to his chin, along with blood on his neck. He asked for the prayers of people as this is the second time he got fired at. He also opened up about being diagnosed with cancer.

“Pray for me family. Almost died 2 times and it’s only been 3 months of 2022 smh first this cancer Shit and now this bullshit… put the guns down man this shit is real out here. | also everyone please move accordingly & militant everywhere & anywhere you go be safe but most importantly stay dangerous! I love you all for keeping my spirits high thru these tuff time – love trunks.”

Many of his associates and fellow artists took to the comments and asked him about his condition. Lil Tracy wrote in the comments, “Bro are you okay?”  Noah Cyrus said, “love u man.” BRICKBOYDIOR! also said, “Tf happen u good?”


Previously, Trunks took to Instagram to reveal his diagnosis after it was rumored he had passed away. The rapper blamed that post on his account being hacked. Later on, the “777” rapper added a follow-up post that went more into detail about his situation.

“I caught Covid 19 & while in the process of them checking my body out they found I had pneumonia cancer aka chest cancer #fuckcancer #Webuiltstrong.”

Kid Trunks has over 500,000 Instagram followers and 785,000 Spotify listeners. 777 is his biggest song on the platform with over 63 million streams. He released his last album Moon in December of 2022.

We hope that he recovers from the facial gunshot wound and fights bravely against cancer. All our thoughts and prayers are with Trunks in these dire circumstances.


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Anirban Biswas

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