The 94th Academy Awards will be remembered as one of Hollywood’s most memorable nights. While the on-stage antics of Will Smith and Chris Rock were enough to dominate most of the talk about the Oscars in 2022, there were several other moments that caught our eye throughout the night.

People were particularly curious as to why Jamie Lee Curtis was carrying a dog during the Memorandum segment of the night, with the choice looking somewhat unexpected and awkward.

One user remarked online, “Jamie Lee Curtis comforting a teeny dog backstage at the weirdest #Oscars ever” “JAMIE LEE CURTIS AND THE CUTEST DOG IVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE MAC AND CHEESE I AM LOSING MY MIND #Oscars” tweeted another person.

The reason for Curtis’ furry +1 has now been disclosed, and it’s quite sweet. In a tweet, journalist Ellie Phillips wrote: “Jamie Lee Curtis bringing a tiny puppy on stage to encourage people to adopt a rescue in honor of the late Betty White, during the stunning In Memorandum gospel choir performance.”


Fans, understandably, were enthralled by the tribute. One tweet said, “JAMIE LEE CURTIS HAS A RESCUE DOG ONSTAGE AT THE OSCARS AS A TRIBUTE TO BETTY WHITE’S ANIMAL ACTIVISM.” Betty White adored all animals, so it’s difficult to imagine she wouldn’t be overjoyed by Curtis’ tribute.

Honestly, there should be nothing wrong with this situation, because nobody could be upset with that adorable face, and we’re talking about the puppy. Jamie Lee Curtis isn’t bad either, but that doggo stole the show for a moment.

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Smita Singha Roy

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