Yung Bleu has two kids. Not much is known about the kids but he uploads pictures of his children from social media from time to time. Apparently, Yung Bleu is now being accused of not being a good father to his kids.

Yung Bleu’s baby mama Shunna Phillips is airing out her grievances. Although Bleu and Phillips are no longer romantically involved, the two still share a child together, Corbin. Their lives are supposed to be closely interlinked by being parents to the child but apparently that’s not the case.

Shunna Phillips has called out the rapper for allegedly being the “worst father” to their son Corbin. She has also claimed that he’s “abusive.” Phillips took to her Instagram and lashed out on the rapper.

“As a man you’ve failed, As a Co Parent you’ve failed, and as a father you’ve extremely failed Corbin,” said Shunna Phillips on Instagram, tagging Bleu in the post. Shunna Phillips also said the rapper has bed bugs and doesn’t bathe. “I failed my son the day I got pregnant by you for not choosing better smfh. I honestly wish I never had a kid with you. I wish I could have a redo. You’re a sh*tty father, you’re abusive, you’re special ed, you have bed bugs, & you don’t take baths.”

Shunna Phillips is publicly wishing that she never had a baby with Yung Bleu. Baby Mama drama is something almost everyone in the Hip-Hop world deals with. Shunna Phillips’ grievances come after a long list of separate instances involving dramatic back-and-forths.

Shifa Jahan

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