President Joe Biden has been making a lot of statements during his trip to Europe. He has expressed his issues on a number of issues, including the massive war that both Russia and Ukraine is involved in. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is one of the biggest concerns for the world, and has yielded negative consequences all around.

The POTUS is quite aggressive in his criticism of Russian leader Vladimir Putin. While Russia has been heavily sanctioned by the West, to the point that it is projected to undergo deep economic recessions, President Biden thinks that Russia should be freed from the control of Putin.

The president went to Poland and gave a strong speech regarding the commitment of the U.S. to help out Ukraine in their fight against the Russian invasion. He then proceeded to criticize Vladimir Putin, and from what he said, it seemed like he called for a change in Russian leadership.

For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power.


President Biden then listed the war crimes that Putin committed in the meantime of this war. Even though everyone heard him loud and clear, a White House representative then explained that he didn’t that Vladimir Putin should stop being the Russian president.

The Washington Post reported later that the commander-in-chief went off-script when he said that, and deemed it one of his standard “inarticulate” moments. He had previously also implied that U.S. troops stationed in Poland would be going to Ukraine in a meeting on Friday.

The president’s communication with the world seems to be going off key with what the White House intends as their communication strategy. It seems the retractions are the only thing keeping the miscommunication from happening.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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