There are a lot of stories to tell in hip-hop music, and many of them are filled with shade. It seems that Bow Wow, who is ripe for controversy, is seeing some past allegations resurface as his ex reminisces.

Bow Wow’s ex, Kiyomi Leslie, is speaking about the lessons she learned three years after her arrest shook the world. Leslie and Bow Wow were both arrested in February 2019 after a physical incident. She accused him of being abusive, and they both levelled charges at one another, but they’ve now moved on and let the past go.

Leslie, on the other hand, brought up that experience while appearing on Angela Yee’s Lip Service, claiming that all of her ex-boyfriends still want her. When Yee inquired if Bow Wow was on the list, Leslie made some funny remarks. Yee joked about the charges following the incident, but Leslie corrected her, adding that all the charges were dismissed.

Yeah. If we ain’t go to jail, we still would’ve been here, I’m sure. Yeah, when you’re in a domestic violence situation, as a woman, don’t call the police. That’s what I learned. I mean I don’t want to promote that to women, but I just—that’s what it was for me, because I went to jail and I called them for help. You’re only trouble when a man doesn’t want to let you leave. I feel like people just saw what they wanted to see and they’re like, ‘Oh, she’s a gold digger’ because whatever. I come from money. I don’t need anybody else’s, but it’s good to have. I feel like they judged me, but it was cool for me because I’m strong. I feel like anybody else in my shoes would have crumbled.

Everyone in the room was taken aback by the statement, but the model went on to drop truth bombs. She made a joke about being trouble earlier in the conversation. Bow revealed that he was recently in a club with an anonymous woman who Angela Yee knows and that despite the fact that the woman was the hottest in the room, he couldn’t help but flirt with another woman.

Bow Wow has been linked to a number of women in the music industry, including Angela Simmons, Ciara, Kiyomi Leslie, Joie Chavis, Erica Mena, Keyshia Cole, and Blac Chyna, and while he came close to marrying one of them, he revealed to The Breakfast Club that he isn’t suited for monogamy. Watch Kiyomi Leslie’s full appearance on Lip Service and a snippet of her below.

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