Bow Wow is set to drop one more album and then, apparently, give up music. Recently Bow Wow revealed that Snoop Dogg’s Death Row is where he wants to release his final album. Over the last 24 hours, Shad “Bow Wow” Moss has had a lot to say on Twitter.

Bow Wow’s professional relationship with Jermaine Dupri turned into a disagreement about the quality of his album collection. Many hip-hop fans consider Jermaine Dupri to be one of Bow Wow’s most influential figures during the course of his three-decade career.

Moss has remarked that he wishes he had signed with Snoop Dogg, his initial music mentor, rather than So So Def. Jermaine Dupri’s participation in Bow Wow’s success was then brought up by some of the actor and followers. Bow’s response was to downplay his current artistic relationship with the 49-year-old record executive/recording artist.

Me and JD have no work chemistry. I ain’t work with that boy in years. He do him and I do me. Snoop is the best thing that [happened] to me. If it [wasn’t] for him, none of yall would know me. That’s the only big homie I got. He gave me a chance. Everyone else was just add ons to what we had started.


Bow Wow’s debut album, Beware of Dog, was released in 2000 on Dupri’s So So Def Recordings when he was still a teenager. Bow Wow recently told his Twitter followers that he thinks Beware of Dog and all of his other projects are in the “mid” stages.

Bow Wow, on the other hand, made it plain that he had no grudge against Jermaine Dupri. Check out the barrage of tweets from Bow Wow below.

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