Bow Wow is one of the most well-known and sought-after rappers in hip-hop. He is known for speaking his opinion when the situation demands it. Bow Wow recently responded to a meme that dubbed him corny.

Bow Wow has been active in various sectors of the industry for most of his life and has received flowers from a number of industry major hitters, but he still gets mocked. The rapper has frequently clashed with detractors on social media, and he was once again presented with a meme that asked, “Why Are These People On This List Considered Corny?”

Bow Wow, Logic, Wayne Brady, Drake, Donald Glover, Nick Cannon, and Will Smith were among the personalities in attendance. Bow was alerted to the jab and responded with a lengthy retort in the comments section.

“Cuz we aint beefn w n*ggas? Because we aint shooting at n*ggas? This corny sh*t got us all the b*tches tho i guess they like this corny sh*t. Corny but got all this money. Corny because n*ggas aint got pending cases or taking these dumb ass drugs that be having n*ggas looking dumb and talking slow. Corney because we don’t promote taking that sh*t. Corny but alll the street n*ggas buying up my du rags and brushes and all my products.”


Bow went on to explain that he prefers his “corny and wealthy” status versus being surrounded by a shady entourage that he would have to constantly monitor in paranoia.

Bow Wow chose to take a stand for himself. Did you admire his professionalism and self-respect in the industry? Stay tuned to Thirsty for more information.

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