“Squid Game” soon became Netflix’s most-watched show after its September premiere. Since then, the series has swept the US awards season, becoming the first non-English-language series to win statuettes at the Screen Actors Guild Awards last month. It seems Hollywood director Steven Spielberg commented something related to the series that landed him in trouble.

Steven Spielberg is experiencing outrage on the internet after hinting that the actors of the hit Korean TV series “Squid Game” are unknown individuals. The filmmaker commended streaming giant Netflix for providing purportedly lesser-known actors the chance to lead movies during a PGA Awards discussion recently.

A long time ago, it was domestic stars that brought the audience into movies. Today, it’s interesting, unknown people can star entire miniseries, can be in movies.

Fans of the show have expressed displeasure at his remarks, pointing out that some “Squid Game” performers are well-known throughout Asia. For example, the show’s lead actor, Lee Jung-jae, is a well-known figure in South Korea, having appeared in a slew of popular television shows and films, including the critically praised thriller “The Housemaid.”


Park Hae-soo, another “Squid Game” actor, has been in popular Korean television dramas like “Prison Playbook.” In the Korean version of the hit Spanish series “Money Heist,” he will play the major role of Berlin. More than 3,000 people shared an IndieWire tweet on Spielberg’s remarks on Wednesday on Twitter, with many slamming him for being ignorant. Check out some of the outrageous tweets below.

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