Kodak Black is one of the most polarizing rappers in the music industry, and he is also well-known for his controversial views. Fans must have witnessed Kodak Black remark that Donald Trump’s defeat in the election was the worst thing that could happen to America, and that former President thanked Kodak for his viewpoint.

Over a year after Donald Trump pardoned Kodak Black, he petitioned a court to end his probation. Bradford Cohen, Kodak Black’s lawyer, submitted a motion for early termination of his client’s supervised release, according to court documents obtained by AllHipHop.

The lawyer claimed that his client’s encounter with the justice system profoundly changed him. After serving over 21 months in prison for misrepresenting information on federal papers in order to purchase firearms, the Atlantic Records musician is still on probation.

Defendant’s performance during the past fourteen (14) months of his supervised release fits the objectives and criteria for early termination such as: stable community reintegration (residence, family, employment), progressive strides toward supervision objections, and no identifiable risk to the safety of any victim or the public. The interests of justice would be well served by an early termination of Defendant’s supervised release and would allow for the resources dedicated to Defendant’s supervision to be conserved and allocated to the supervision of others more in need of close oversight.


In January 2021, Trump commuted Kodak Black’s sentence but kept the supervised release period in place. After completing his probation, Kodak Black, whose legal name is Bill Kapri, plans to relocate from South Florida. His lawyer believes that relocating his client will help him avoid more legal issues.

When Kodak Black tested positive for narcotics in October 2021, he breached his probation. He avoided more time in prison by completing 90 days of intensive in-patient therapy. Cohen claimed that his client has a sober buddy who helps him avoid relapses.

Kodak Black’s lawyer highlighted his client’s personal progress as a rationale for ending his supervised release in the request. Cohen mentioned that the controversial musician received his GED and a boating license. His customer is likewise debating whether or not to attend college.

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h/t to AllHipHop for court documents.

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