Megan Thee Stallion is having a tough time settling disputes with her old record label. The WAP rapper has sued 1501 Certified Entertainment last month and things have become quite serious. Now Meg is claiming that her label hasn’t paid her since 2019 as her fiery rant on social media continued.

Megan took to Twitter and shared a post accusing her label, 101 Certified Entertainment, of not paying her. She claimed that it has been 3 years since she has received any payment from the label. Meg stands tall on her claims of “Something for Thee Hotties” not being an album.

Also, how can I owe you any of MY money out side of music when your team can’t even provide ACTUAL statements of what i owe… you also haven’t PAID ME since 2019. Your team signed off on SOMETHING FOR THE HOTTIES to count as an ALBUM now it’s not? Jokes

According to documents viewed by Pitchfork, the label seeks a declaration from the court that the record is not an album. It also wants a declaration of monetary damages based on the contract breaches, and attorneys’ fees and costs. Megan’s attorney Brad Hancock says. “We will ask the court to protect Megan from this type of abuse.”


The countersuit also reveals new details about the recording contracts that Megan found harsh enough to warrant filing her original lawsuit. In her original suit, Megan claimed the only contractually obligated parameter defining a release as an album was a 45-minute runtime, which she exceeded by two seconds. The company alleges that the terms of multiple contracts Megan has signed with the label held certain approval before the album release.

Both parties agree that they reached a settlement in that first suit. Later, 1501 claimed Megan’s team never filed the subsequent paperwork. Megan also accused the label’s boss of maliciously including her own personal jewelry purchases in a report pertaining to her career expenses.

Accusations have been flying from one party to the other. The claims made by both parties seem to hold some evident truths to them. We have to wait and see how the court comes up with a solution to this.

This story will likely see plenty more developments before it cools down. Keep checking back with Thirsty for more!

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