Megan Thee Stallion is currently embroiled in a messy legal battle with her record label. The artist sued 1501 back in February to declare the record fulfilled her contract. Following her lawsuit, the record label countersued Megan. It appears she has been called a bona fide alcoholic who slept with the entire industry.

The ongoing court battles between 1501 Certified Entertainment—led by Carl Crawford—and Megan Thee Stallion caused a stir online. Megan retaliated on Twitter after hearing that Crawford was suing her. She argued that Crawford should take his money troubles to 300 Entertainment, with whom he has a deal.

Crawford and Megan both hurled insults at each other, with the former implying that he is still paying for her shows. He also alleged that she was hiding behind Roc Nation and wasn’t telling the truth. Megan didn’t mince words in her reply. Crawford retaliated after being accused of drug abuse.

Aye y’all believe that Bullsh-t all y’all want to …ion got Twitter fingers so I’m not bout to type sh-t all day..but I promise everything said about me about that matter is a lie. The truth will be out soon enough.

Defamation claim in the way. This all Coming from a Bonafide Alcoholic who f-cked the whole industry including her best friend n—- [facepalm emoji].

Megan recently said that she was no longer engaging in social media before Crawford retaliated. Now it’s up to an honorable court to decide what to do. We’ll have to wait and see how this story unfolds. Take a look at the exchanges below.

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