Donald Glover is an incredibly talented individual. While he already has a successful music career as artist Childish Gambino, he’s been part of series such as Atlanta and Community, which have developed a huge fan following throughout time.

Jaden Smith was supposed to appear in Atlanta, according to Donald Glover, but the two ran into scheduling issues. Glover’s critically praised series is set to launch its third season later this week. When asked who would be the centerpiece of a potential spin-off series, Glover said it would be a character who was shot in the first season.

We actually have an episode we wrote about that guy. Jaden Smith was supposed to be in it, and we never did it because Jaden Smith was busy. We were supposed to release it online to just read, which we still could do. Stephen wrote it, it’s really good. But, that guy was cool.

Glover also talked about the show’s next season’s first episode, “Three Slaps,” and disclosed that it will focus on a young child named Loquareeous instead of the regular primary cast. There will also be various references to recent viral videos throughout the episode.

Atlanta was filmed in Georgia for the first 2 seasons of the show. In season 3, the show had a change in the setting, which is why they had to go to England in order to shoot. The show has a cast of Glover, Bryan Tyree Henry, LaKeith Stanfield and Zazie Beetz. The third season of Atlanta will premiere on FX on March 24.

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