Donald Grover is an incredibly talented individual. While he already has a successful music career as artist Childish Gambino, he’s been part of series such as Atlanta and Community, which have developed a huge fan following throughout time.

Grover and the crew of Atlanta filmed in London last year for the upcoming season 3 of the show. The writers of the show revealed that when they were there in London last year, they were subjected to racial harassment.

The actor revealed to Variety that when they were standing outside a bar, a group of drunk individuals came to them and started talking. When one of the girls remarked that they can easily break into a bar as they usually carry a hammer (arms), things started getting a bit uncomfortable.

This group of people walks up. And maybe one of them kind of notices Donald or recognises him. And she stops, and they start asking if they know anywhere around here to get something to drink. I think we were talking to them for a second. It’s this girl and two or three guys.

Donald added that all the writers of the show are black, which is why it was insulting to them. However, it was not as impactful, given that one of the guys really tried to say the joke over and over again, which made feel a bit lost around what was even being implied.

Mind you, all of the writers on Atlanta, are Black. So, he’s making a reference that we all have hammers, and we can just break into this place, which we kind of ignored. It was so insulting, but not insulting at the same time because it took us five minutes to fully understand. He got to a point of like if the insinuation was lost on us, he got specific and he was like, ‘You guys are Black, you’ve gone to jail and you do things like that.’ Like, he kept doubling down on it.

Atlanta was filmed in Georgia for the first 2 seasons of the show. In season 3, the show had a change in the setting, which is why they had to go to England in order to shoot. The show has a cast of Glover, Bryan Tyree Henry, LaKeith Stanfield and Zazie Beetz. It was recently revealed that the show would end after season 4.

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