Donald Glover’s critically acclaimed Atlanta TV series on FX hasn’t seen the light in almost four years. When you think about it, that’s quite incredible. Nonetheless, the critically acclaimed and fan-favorite series will return to television near the end of March, with the first two episodes of season three premiering on March 24th and 25th, respectively.

As the deadline approaches, Donald Glover and FX surprised fans by announcing that the series would officially cease with the fourth season. Glover, the actor/producer/rapper, commented about the choice to finish with season four during a TCA panel, according to Deadline.

To be honest I wanted to end it at Season 2. Death is natural…when the conditions are right for something, they happen, and when the conditions aren’t right they don’t happen. Things start to get weird…you can’t do too much. The story was always supposed to be what it was and the story, it really was us.

Zazie Beatz (who portrays Van) told the audience, “I’m glad I knew it was ending because then I could lean into the relationships knowing this was my last chance to play Van. I think Van changed my life. I’m gad I had the opportunity to…put [her] in the back for now.”

Zazie Beatz and Brian Tyree Henry (who plays Paper Boi) both indicated that they were aware of the intention to discontinue the series at season four. According to reports, the upcoming season would be set primarily in Europe. Keep an eye out for the series debut on FX on March 24th.

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