The beloved American artist Berner has become more than just a rapper. He’s also an entrepreneur in the cannabis world and his brand is famous among many fans. Many of his followers were surprised and upset when he revealed that he was diagnosed with cancer in October.

Support was pouring in for Berner after he announced he was in remission. In his IG post, he shared that he was now cancer-free and trying to lead his new life in the best possible way. Although Berner kept the specifics of his report under wraps.

“I do want all my followers to stay vigilant about your bodies,” he continued. “I talked with my oncologist yesterday and the rise in cases for the black and brown community and colon cancer is extremely high especially for people in their 30’s and that is scary as hell.

He further added,” If I didn’t address and find this when I did I would of been dead in 6 months to a year. Catching cancer early is the best way to beat it. Other than that, we gotta exercise, eat clean and focus on positivity. I’m ready to get back outside and kick ass ! #F*ckCancer.”

After 5 months Berner finally received some excellent news from his doctors However there was no guarantee that the cancer would not come back but for now he can rest easy and is currently in remission.

This is definitely a piece of very positive news and we wish Berner the very best in his post-cancer life. Let us know what are your thoughts in the comments below.

Sanchari Ghosh

Sanchari has a degree in chemical engineering. Apart from that, she has a knack for reading and photography too. She likes to keep herself updated with what is happening around the world. Sanchari is always keen on learning new things. She loves watching movies and her favorite genre is romantic comedies!

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