The Kar/Jenner sisters are no stranger when it comes to being in the spotlight for everything they do. Now it seems their mom, Kris Jenner is no exception. This time the momager set herself up for mockery by claiming she cleans her mansion.

“Well, I’ve cleaned up a lot of mess in my day,” narrated the momager. Kris then continued to add a plunger to her cart and said, “Oh, this is perfect, why not?” Kris, who recently moved into a new $20m mansion, then picked up another item and declared, “Every clean queen needs a feather duster. Khloe would love this.”

The fans immediately took to the comments section of the Instagram video to attack Kris for claiming she does her shopping and house cleaning. “I’m guessing she gave these to her house keeper afterwards,” wrote one user.

A second user chimed in by saying, “Kris Jenner inside a Walmart just doesn’t feel real.” “She does not clean her own house lol,” wrote another unconvinced fan. Not to mention, some even called the video “unnatural” and “comical.”


Kris officially moved into her new Los Angeles mega-mansion in November after months of delays. While we don’t believe that the momager cleans her home, we certainly think she shouldn’t be attacked for the video as she was just doing her job.

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Anushmitta Dutta

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