Kris Jenner is only getting younger as years pass by. Jenner apparently shared too much information with her kids on camera. Kardashian fans cringed hard when Kris Jenner bragged about how her intimate life is like with Corey Gamble.

Kris Jenner or better known as “The Momager” tries to be the quintessential cool mom and doesn’t shy away from taboo topics. The resurfaced Keeping Up With The Kardashians clip is getting viral on TikTok. Kris Jenner can be seen spilling out details about her intimate life with Corey Gamble.

 The TikTok video landed in Kardashian fans “for you” page. The word shocked would be an understatement. Most fans felt as uncomfortable as Khloe and Kendall in the video.

The sisters had to sit through their mom, who is 66, say she could not stop “thinking about sex.” Kris mentioned she had make-up all over her face after she had a make-out session with Corey in the car. Khloe looked surprised when she found out her mother’s shirt was not on right.

Kris then mentioned that her boyfriend needed to rest because they were up all night. Kendall seemed uncomfortable when Kris said that tiramisu was the “sex dessert.” Kirs started laughing when she screamed out: “I can’t stop thinking about sex.” The caption of the TikTok video stated: “Kris” with a crying emoji and most of the comments are about how cringey the clip is.

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Shifa Jahan

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