It’s never an easy life when you’re in the public eye. Joe Budden had one of the most popular podcasts in the world at one point, and many fans have something to say about his personal life. He won’t let people get away with saying just anything.

Joe Budden snapped back at a hater who said that he used to hit Cyn Santana’s “ass.” Joe seemed to be pretty offended by the hater for “spreading this type of lie.”

The Neighborhood Talk posted a video of Joe Budden talking about Cyn Sanatana. He said, “I’m getting inspired, I’m speaking up for the baby daddies,” before panning to his co-parenting partner Santana, calling her his “king’s mom.”

The video, however, stimulated the anger of a commenter, who said this was the “least” Joe could do, considering he “used to beat her ass.”


Budden was quick to reply to the comment. He said, “the irony in ‘loveblackpower’ spreading this type of lie on a Black man raising his kids and healthily co-parenting. Be blessed tho.”

The comment was in reference to when Santana had accused Budden of physically abusing, “chasing” and “dragging” her in 2021. The accusation came just after weeks of Tahiry Jones accused Budden of domestic abuse.

Budden addressed Jones’ accusation through one of his podcast episodes. He claimed that Jones is a “cancerous, toxic liar.” He didn’t say much on his podcast but he made it clear on Twitter that the allegations are false.

Other users also argued in the comments over whether or not Budden is lying. “Ummm you got a history though Joe,” one user commented. “People always have something negative to say when they see people doing good,” another user commented.

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