Allegations have surfaced against Joe Budden claiming that he sexually assaulted a woman named Olivia Dope. She made a public announcement herself in a nearly 30-minute video confessional.

Dope alleged in her statement that Budden made numerous sexual advances toward her while on his show. This, she claims, was later edited out.

She alleged that her January 2021 appearance, Budden made several crude remarks to her which made the situation very uncomfortable. This also led to her quitting the podcast.

“On January 18, 2021, Joe Budden sat in on a recording of the female-led podcast I was a part of and continuously made sexual, suggestive remarks to me that made me extremely uncomfortable as well as fearful of dampening the mood if I didn’t laugh along while he made those sexual remarks to me,” she sid. “Those moments not only live on the internet forever, it also forced me into the decision of quitting the podcast.


“It was traumatizing, embarrassing and I’ve decided that I have to actually speak up because not only was it important for me to walk away from it, it also is important for me to speak up to let others know this probably wouldn’t be the best situation for you to enter into, working with this person.”

She added in the caption, “Why I quit the Joe Budden Network. Episode 16 of “See The Thing Is…” was the final straw of 3 months on the JBN. It took a lot to get to this point to speak up, but the healing begins now. Thank you to all my Olivia Dope supporters up until this point and beyond.” 

Olivia Dope went on to mention every marker that needed to be edited because Joe Budden said something inappropriate to her. He keeps an editor around who can cut those comments so fans do not hear them.

“There’s an editing in the recording because Joe says him and I should speak more because he ‘been wanted to f*ck me since we’ve met.’ Everyone in the studio laugh uncomfortably while one of my co-hosts confirmed that to be true.”

“I am mortified by this revelation not only because it was done in front of the entire production staff but it was done while we were recording audio as well as visual. That scene was cut out and it jumps to Joe repeating we should speak more because we have the least dialogue.”

“Another edit happens because Joe makes another suggestion to having sex with me. What is shown right after that is me closing my eyes, saying no and then he says ‘Never mind.’”

These are some serious allegations of unprofessional conduct. Joe Budden shouldn’t use his show to try and hook up with women. One would think that he has other ways he can seem out companionship. This was certainly not what Olivia Dope expected from her interview.

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H Jenkins

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