SteveWillDoIt is a popular YouTube personality with millions of followers. SteveWillDoIt is well-known for his entertaining challenges and pranks, which he does in his videos. Steve has come up with a new and startling video this time. After the Nelk Boys interview, SteveWillDoIt gave Donald Trump a Rolex worth $75,000.

Following their recent podcast collaboration, SteveWillDoIt of the Nelk Boys handed former President Donald Trump a beautiful thank you gift: an iced-up Rolex worth $75K. According to TMZ, the platinum ice blue Day-Date 40mm wasn’t available in stores, Steve had to custom order it.

Today is Platinum Day. Dates are believed to be among the most costly Rolex models on the market, even more so than gold ones, and Trump’s is said to have the traditional Rolex ice blue face. Trump was the most recent guest on Steve, Kyle Forgeard, Bob Menery, and Salim the Dream’s Nelk Boys show, “Full Send Podcast.” Steve boasted to the former president that he’d made $500k selling T-shirts featuring both of their faces.

Steve said Trump didn’t know how to compensate him because his face filled up half of the shirt, so he bought the blinged-out clock. Trump’s episode of ‘Full Send’ debuted on Wednesday and received 5 million views before being taken down by YouTube.


Not surprisingly, Trump brought up the old “stolen election” charges once more, in violation of YouTube’s terms of service. Most podcast streaming platforms still have the audio version available. The video will be streaming shortly. So, go and check it fast. For further updates stay tuned to Thirsty.

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