Boosie has become a rap star as a result of how he conducts himself. This year has been difficult for Boosie. He is making certain that all of his children’s requirements are met.

Boosie previously announced the death of his grandfather and voiced his grief at the loss. Now, the rapper is devoting time to his children, displaying a new gift he gave them.

The rapper took to Instagram to show off a couple of Rolex watches he got for his kids. While showing off the watches, he also had something to say.

“Rolex for all the kids. You know if I’m gettin to it, they gotta be living like this too, Grind hard, shine hard.”

In Louisiana, he is frequently compared to Tupac since his legacy is so significant. His fame extends well beyond chart success.

Despite being a controversial figure, Boosie is one of the most supportive rappers in history. Because of the death of his grandparents, he sought consolation this year. Perhaps he is attempting to cope with his sadness by keeping his children happy.

Shivangini Rawat

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