Donald Trump called Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine “savvy” and “brilliant” at the start. Somebody in The Donald’s inner circle must have informed him that such rhetoric was political suicide. The disgraced former president is suddenly getting tough on the Russia issue.

At a speech to high-dollar GOP donors on Saturday, Trump made a ridiculous suggestion. It mirrored his affinity for blaming somebody else for everything he does. Donald Trump wants to go to war with Russia in a very unconventional manner.

Donald Trump told his donors that the United States should “bomb the sh*t out of Russia.” Without thinking of the repercussions, up to and including nuclear war, Trump also offered a way to take the blame off of American forces.
The Washington Post reported that Trump believes we just have to blame China.

“And then we say, China did it, we didn’t do it, China did it and they start fighting with each other and we sit back and watch.”


The crowd of ardent GOP supporters laughed at Trump’s ridiculous suggestion. It is a horrible idea by any stretch of the imagination, even for the most conservative war hawks. It is unfathomable that this man was once in command of the United States military.

Trump’s flip-flopping on the Russia issue as well as his dangerous schemes to start World War III can’t possibly be helping his presidential ambitions. Donald Trump’s statement shows that he has no grasp of the nuances of international politics. The MAGA leader could be digging his own political grave if he continues the rhetoric. Even the most ardent Republican donors aren’t interested in Trump’s idea.

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Michael Perry

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